Televangelist Andrew Wommack Declares Opposition to Trump ‘Demonic’: We ‘Are in the End Times’


Conservative televangelist Andrew Wommack declared that opposition to President Donald Trump was “demonic” in a Facebook video on Monday night.

In a video spotted by Right Wing Watch, as he was answering questions ahead of his nightly livestream, Wommack was asked by a viewer why Christians are “blinded and can’t see how God can be using Trump.”

Wommack replied that they are “blinded” by a “powerful delusion” issued by God himself.

The right-wing pastor lamented that millennials have positive views of socialism, dismissing those beliefs as “total ignorance” of what has happened to countries that embrace socialism.

“I do believe that we are in the End Times and this is one of the signs of the End Times,” Wommack said. “I believe that there is a demonic deception that is blinding people today.”

Watch above, via Right Wing Watch.

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