‘Tell Your Friends That There Are Icebergs Melting!’: Angela Rye and Jeffrey Lord Go At It

Everybody wants to talk about Donald Trump‘s first 100 days.

That includes Angela Rye and Jeffrey Lord, two of the political commentators (or “characters“) on CNN. Today, in conversation with John Berman and Poppy Harlow, the two pundits squared off.

When Rye brought up Trump’s excessive golfing, producers let Berman know that there was footage of the current President going after Barack Obama for golfing too much. CNN rolled the footage of Trump assuring voters he would rarely leave the White House and wouldn’t have time for golf trips. We know now, of course, that Trump is on track to spend more on travel in one year than Obama did in eight.

Lord brushed all of that off (of course) saying that successes like getting Neil Gorsuch onto the Supreme Court were a big deal that simply upset Rye and her friends. Naturally, she shot back, saying, “Tell your friends that there are icebergs melting!”

Ultimately, Rye made the point that Trump’s travels and Melania Trump‘s refusal to live in the White House with her husband are costing taxpayers way too much money.

Watch above.

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