‘There Are Risks’: Fox’s Janice Dean Returns to Air, Opens Up About Cosmetic Procedure Gone Wrong

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean returned to Fox this morning and brought with her a cautionary tale.

Maybe you’ve noticed that Dean, the veteran meteorologist who was promoted to Fox & Friends in November, has been missing from the network for a full two months. An op-ed she wrote on the Fox website this past weekend explains why, but for good measure, she also told the whole story of a hazardous cosmetic procedure during her return to Fox & Friends this morning.

To make a long story short, Dean had a “fractora” procedure done on her neck. The downtime she was told to expect was five days, but she spent two months away from her job because of swelling related to temporary nerve paralysis in her face. Beyond the effect this had on her appearance, Dean had issues talking and chewing!

“There are risks,” she cautioned viewers while talking about all of the new procedures on the cosmetic market. “There are the possibility of complications and that’s what happened to me but I was so excited to get rid of this neck that I signed and didn’t really read the possibilities for complications. So, yes, the fine print, and it was all there in black and white.”

Watch above to hear her tell the story from her perspective, via Fox News.

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