There Is Now A Vagina-Themed Pinball Machine Inspired By Todd Akin

Here’s something you don’t hear about every day: politically-inspired pinball machines. You may recall that the 2012 election season was plagued by the remarks of one Todd Akin, who said that women cannot get pregnant after being raped if it’s a “legitimate rape.” Those comments have inspired French artist Marie Busson to design a pinball machine with the inside crafted to look like a vagina.

Kotaku caught this rather odd display, which positions the flippers as blocking the womb from intrusion by illegitimate rape sperm or whatever the metaphor’s supposed to be.

Instead of the plunger being placed on the side of the machine, it’s squarely in the middle, aiming between a woman’s legs (IT’S FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY), so players can shoot the metal balls straight on into the womb, only to be blocked by the flippers. The machine is titled La Femme Flipper… en Réponse à Tod Akin.

And in case the description wasn’t enough, here is a photo of the display.

I hesitate to find out if the artist intends to do the same with any Republican comments on sodomy…


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