Things Get Heated as Reporters Grill Spicer Over Trump’s Knowledge of Flynn Being a Foreign Agent

During today’s White House press briefing, White House press secretary Sean Spicer lashed out when a series of reporters confronted him over reports surrounding former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and his recent retroactive registration as a foreign agent.

Addressing the recent Associated Press report stating that Donald Trump‘s presidential transition team was made aware that Flynn needed to register as a foreign agent due to his lobbying work with Turkey, Spicer thought that was revolving around private matters and that it wasn’t up for the government to work on.

This led to Fox News John Roberts aggressively pushing back on Spicer, asking the press sec how this didn’t raise any red flags.

“It’s not a question raising red flags,” Spicer exclaimed. “It’s the question of whether they gave them advice they were supposed to, it’s not up to them what you need to do or not do.”

He then moved on to the New York Times’ Glenn Thrush, who piggybacked on Roberts’ question highlighting that Vice President Mike Pence was sent a letter about Flynn’s dealings with Turkey and wanted to know if this was a question of judgment.

“You’re asking me forget about the legalisms,” Spicer stated. “That’s what we ask people to do is follow the law. You can’t forget about the legalism. That’s what we did.” He also took issue with Thrush asking about Flynn’s dealings, feeling he was impugning the general’s character.

He was also pressed on if there may be other concerns of staffers and administration officials regarding their backgrounds.

Watch the whole exchange above, via CNN.

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