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This Exists: German Children’s Network Airs Instructional Video On Hiding Erections

If you’re a young man at that phase of life, your anatomy can cause sudden, um, problems to spring up with hardly a moment’s notice. In Germany, the children’s network KI.KA (from Der Kinderkanal, or The Children’s Channel) is here to help–assuming you speak German.

But even if you don’t, the video has viral potential for its in-flight safety card graphics describing the awkward moments when a guy can actually knock over a store display of toilet paper rolls (not that I recall seeing any such thing when I was in Germany, but I wasn’t specifically looking) and then explaining how to fix the problem.

There are various methods, each with bold graphics like KLEIDUNG! (German has such a great way of taking simple words and making them bizarre, and my two favorites can be found here, though it may be a guy thing) Kleidung though, which sounds like a threat–or something that Klei drop in the pasture–means clothing. Idea: use your t-shirt to cover up the problem.

Also: Körperhaltung, or posture–you know, cross your legs or bend over or something. Just don’t make the ballerina you’re watching feel bad about herself.

Watch it here–somewhat NSFW, depending on where you work–from YouTube:

<H/T Reddit)

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