This Is Not the First Massive Highrise Dubai Fire This Year


Within the last hour breaking news was reported that the Address Hotel in Dubai has become engulfed in flames. The battle continues to put out the flames inside the highrise hotel. The five-star luxury property houses over 200 rooms and 600 apartments. No injuries have been reported. It’s not immediately clear what started the fire, but authorities are on site investigating the incident.

This fire is not the first such event to strike a prominent highrise hotel in Dubai in 2015 alone; in February, the Marina Torch in Dubai also caught fire in a heavily-reported event.

According to Gulf News, that fire from February 21, 2015 started on the 50th floor and spread all over the tower. Thousands of people were evacuated from the building, and flaming debris fell all the way to the ground. Over one hundred of the units inside the Torch were deemed uninhabitable as a result of the damage in February.

People took to Twitter back in February to share real-time shots as the fire raged:

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