This Is Really The Actual Advice Sarah Palin Gave For Trump’s VP Selection


If there’s been a common theme to the Republican presidential election campaign, aside from overt racism, it has been lowered expectations, and it doesn’t get any lower than the ones proposed by former future Vice President Sarah Palin for this year’s running mate. During a fun-filled panel at this weekend’s Politicon convention, Palin was asked to weigh in on the qualities that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump ought to look for in a potential vice-presidential pick, and Palin’s first thought was that Trump should pick someone who won’t try to poison him. Her second thought was only slightly better:

I would tell him to find someone who understands who the boss will be, someone who is not running to, someone who he could serve with who he wouldn’t need a taste test, a food taste-tester around him, you know? You know what I mean? Someone who is going to be loyal to what the boss’s agenda is. That’s going to be real important, too. And someone who had experience, too, again, coming from the private sector, connected to the essential people in this country, and not part of the political establishment that has been part of the problem.

That eliminates Sarah Palin on at least one of those counts.

Fun fact: while presidential security precautions are kept pretty quiet, for obvious reasons, there is documentary evidence that at least the last five presidents have used food tasters, although only one of them got called out by Fox News over it. So Trump can even select a private sector poisoner, and all he’ll be risking is some nice Navy cook’s life.

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