Trump Chides ‘Phony’ Sen. McCaskill for Taking Private Jet During Her ‘RV’ Tour


President Donald Trump is back from his historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore and apparently has important things on his mind.

For example, outing Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) for not really being a recreational vehicle kind of woman.

“Senator Claire McCaskill of the GREAT State of Missouri flew around in a luxurious private jet during her RV tour of the state RV’s are not for her. People are really upset, so phony!” Trump tweeted out.

He then hinted McCaskill’s private jet habits is one of the reasons that her challenger “Josh Hawley should win big, and has my full endorsement.”

Trump’s tweet is more than ironic considering his own administration has been plagued with numerous private jet scandals of luxe travel on taxpayers’ dime.

Back in September, Trump let Secretary of Health and Human Services Thomas Price resign in the wake of his own publicly funded private jet scandal.

Price is not alone. A number of Trump’s cabinet members have also  come under fire for their lavish travel habits and predilections.

Trump also regularly used a private jet while on the campaign trail.

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