Trump Defiantly Slams Media Giant: ‘Fox Treats Me Worse Than Anybody’


At his rally Wednesday morning from Bluffton, South Carolina, full-time media basher and part-time Presidential candidate Donald Trump went on the offensive against Fox News, using the opportunity to slam the media conglomerate. Wednesday morning, the real estate icon took to Twitter to blast out the following indictment of the network:

And at his rally shortly afterwards, Trump took his sentiments several steps further, going as far as to say “Fox treats me worse than anybody”:

The transcript of Trump’s remarks is as follows:

Oh, I get treated so badly. I was watching Fox this morning. They treat me so badly. Fox treats me, like, worse than anybody. But I get treated badly by the media. I don’t even — I don’t really understand why. They have pundits on that are just one after another negative, negative, negative. It started where actually nobody — they all thought I wasn’t going to run and they said, ‘he’ll never run, he’ll never run’ and then they look bad and then they just don’t stop. Some of them have become much better but I think Fox in particular treats me so badly, it’s incredible.

The Trump v. Fox feud has itself been a long-standing storyline in the 2016 campaign, largely stemming from a fallout following an August GOP debate on the network. Last month the real estate mogul willingly skipped out on another RNC-sanctioned debate on Fox News in Iowa, opting to hold his own event nearby; the network even offered a biting response steeped in equal parts sarcasm and defiance, as the GOP frontrunner has used his influential social media footprint to bash the network frequently.

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