Trump: Having to Get 1,237 Delegates For the Nomination Is ‘Very Unfair’


Yesterday, Donald Trump gave an interview during which he called on John Kasich to drop out of the presidential race. He pointed out that Rand PaulMarco Rubio, and Jeb Bush all dropped out when they failed to do well, then claimed that Kasich was taking votes away from him.

“He’s taking my votes,” he said. “He’s not taking [Ted] Cruz‘s votes. He’s taking my votes.”

Those votes are also an issue. As it turns out, Trump finds the requirement that the eventual GOP nominee secure 1,237 delegates “not fair.”

As noted in The Washington Post, he said this:

It’s very unfair, the 1,237. The reason it’s very unfair — and I think I’ll get there, I think I’ll get there! — but the reason it’s very unfair is the following:

When I started there were 17 candidates and people never says this — I’ve never even heard it said — those early states — nobody says it and it’s very unfair — but on a lot of those early… there were so many candidates that if you got 30% or 25%, you’d win and it would be an unbelievable victory. Honestly, Kasich should not be allowed to run and I’ll go opposite on you: he hurts Trump much more than he hurts Cruz.

Today, Kasich responded on Twitter.

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