Trump: ‘NO MORE DACA DEAL’ as GOP Needs to ‘Pass Tough Laws’ To Stop ‘Caravans’ From Crossing Border

A couple of hours after sending out a “HAPPY EASTER!” tweet, President Donald Trump lashed out against what he described as lax laws at the Mexican border.

Writing that Border Patrol agents aren’t allowed to properly do their job “because of ridiculous liberal (Democrat) laws like Catch and Release,” the president then implored Senate Republicans to go with the “Nuclear Option” and “pass tough laws NOW.”

On top of that, Trump stated that there should be no deal on DACA moving forward.

“NO MORE DACA DEAL!,” he wrote.

It should be noted that for months now, the president has claimed that DACA recipients should trust him and Republicans to get something done for them as Democrats are just using them as political props. Trump ended DACA protects last year.

UPDATE 11:45 AM ET: And, of course, Trump’s tweet likely was inspired by a Fox & Friends segment.

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