Trump Says Cameron Has Invited Him to Visit; Cameron Says: Um, No.

donald-trump-has-begun-dramatically-reading-this-song-about-a-vicious-snake-at-ralliesDonald Trump announced on Friday that the UK Prime Minister David Cameron had invited him for a private chat. The PM’s office hastened to set the record straight: no such invitation has been extended yet.

Reuters reports:

Trump, in a morning interview with MSNBC, said Cameron extended the invitation to visit 10 Downing Street two days ago and that he “might do it.” He gave no other details.

A spokesman for Cameron’s office said it was a longstanding practice for the prime minister to meet with the Republican and Democrat presidential nominees if they visited Britain.

“Given the parties have yet to choose their nominees, there are no confirmed dates for this,” the spokesman said.

Trump on MSNBC had said: “I will do just fine with David Cameron. I think he’s a nice guy. I will do just fine. But they have asked me to visit 10 Downing Street, and I might do it.”

Cameron had previously bashed Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims “stupid, divisive, and wrong.”

Trump lashed back, saying, “I’m not stupid, okay?” and musing that it looked like he and the Prime Minister were “not going to have a very good relationship.”

In July 2012, Mitt Romney met with Cameron and London’s then-Mayor Boris Johnson as part of a visit to the UK. At that point, Romney had enough delegates to clinch the nomination, though he was only the presumptive nominee as the convention was still a month off. The visit did not go well.

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