Trump Rips ‘Liddle’ Bob Corker: ‘Made to Sound a Fool’ After ‘Failing’ NYT Set Him Up

President Trump has reached the inevitable name-calling stage of his feud with Senator Bob Corker.

The president’s tweet is the latest update to his fight with the outgoing GOP senator who questioned his competence and chaotic rhetoric this week. Trump tweeted that Corker supposedly begged him for a re-election campaign endorsement, and Corker returned fire by saying the White House has become an “adult day care center.”

Trump’s new tweet refers to the audio released last night where Corker spoke to The New York Times about how the president is leading America towards World War III. Contrary to Trump’s tweeted claim, Corker’s interview was recorded with his consent, and his team kept a recording for themselves as well.

Side note though: was “liddle” the best nickname Trump could come up with? The president already used that insult against Marco Rubio, and given Trump’s obsession with shock and spectacle, one might expect him to be a little more inventive than this.

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