Trump Touts ‘Respect’ For ‘Brave Man’ Paul Manafort: Unlike Michael Cohen, He Refused to Break


Here we go, Act II of the Donald TrumpMichael CohenPaul Manafort Twitter performance.

As we previously noted, Trump had an oddly-subdued Twitter reaction at first to the news surrounding Michael Cohen‘s guilty plea connecting his old boss to his hush money schemes.

Still, this is Trump we’re talking about, and since we’re dealing with someone who loves to fight back when cornered and has no idea what the word “subtlety” means, it was only a matter of time before things escalated.

Indeed, they have.

Now Trump is praising Paul Manafort – who was found guilty of multiple tax and bank fraud charges yesterday – because unlike Cohen, he never broke and accepted a plea deal.

Here’s your obligatory “witch hunt” tweet of the day.

And then, there’s this.

Remember, Trump is saying all of this as political observers and legal experts look at Cohen’s plea deal to figure out if he just implicated the president in a federal crime.

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