Paul Manafort

Trump Tells ABC’s Jon Karl ‘I Didn’t Know Anything About’ Manafort Collusion With Russia

It Is Pretty Clear the Trump Team & Russia ‘Flirted’. But Did They Actually ‘Hook Up’?

Fox News’ Shepard Smith and Napolitano Talk Manafort Bombshell: ‘This Would Be Collusion’

New York Times Makes Major Correction to Report on Manafort and Russian Oligarch

CNN’s Dana Bash: Manafort Sharing Campaign Data With Russians is a ‘5-Alarm Fire’ for National Security

Dem Congressman on Manafort: ‘He Colluded, He Colluded, He Colluded!’

Fmr Russian Spy Reportedly Pressured Manafort Over His Debts to Oligarch

Kellyanne Conway Had The Funniest Gaffe of 2018, Plus 12 Other Amazing Media Moments This Year

Louie Gohmert Rips Mueller For ‘Family Separation’ at Nielsen Hearing: ‘He Did it to Manafort’

Why Are The Russia/Butina/NRA/Trump Connections Still Not Getting More Attention?

On Repercussions for Trump, Marco Rubio Tells Jake Tapper: ‘No One in This Country’ is ‘Above the Law’

Rubio Won’t Call Manafort Pardon a ‘Red Line,’ Weakly Threatens ‘Debate’ if Trump Pardons

Alan Dershowitz Insists Paul Manafort Can’t Be Used as Witness ‘Because He’s Lied So Much’

Fox News’ Ed Henry: One Part of Manafort Memo ‘Could Be Problematic for the White House’

Hannity Downplays New Cohen, Manafort Filings: ‘Wow, the Horror, How Will America Ever Recover?’

Mueller Filing Details Manafort Told ‘Discernible Lies,’ Including on Contacts With Trump Admin Officials

Giuliani: Mueller Team Believes Manafort Has Been Lying About Trump

Dershowitz Defends Trump’s ‘Dangling Pardons’: No Different Than Prosecutors ‘Bribing Witnesses’ with Freedom

Judge Napolitano Warns Manafort Pardon Would Backfire: ‘He Will Be Indicted By the States’

LISTEN: Giuliani Rips ‘Unethical’ Mueller for ‘Destructive’, ‘Un-American’ Tactics, Treating Manafort ‘Like He’s a Terrorist’

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