Paul Manafort

Paul Manafort Shows Up for Court in Prison Jumpsuit and Confined to a Wheelchair

Ex-Trump Lawyer Reportedly Wanted to Help Pay Manafort, Gates Legal Fees With Money from WH Legal Defense Fund

Comey Hints Mueller Probe is Wrapping Up: He May Be ‘In the Fourth Quarter’

Trump Downplays Manafort’s Campaign Role, Not Worried ‘As Long as He Tells The Truth’

Rudy Giuliani Swipes at Mueller and the ‘Biased’ Media Over Manafort Deal

Trump Goes After ‘Illegal Mueller Witch Hunt’ Again Following Manafort Deal: ‘Continues in Search of a Crime’

Ken Starr: ‘Given the Seriousness of the Charges,’ Manafort ‘Did the Right Thing’

Alan Dershowitz: Manafort Taking Deal Was ‘Very Bad Day for the Trump Administration’

CNN’s Toobin: Trump ‘Has More Convicted Felons Around Him Than a Lot of Mafia Dons’

Alan Dershowitz Says Manafort Plea a ‘Big Win’ For Mueller: White House Should Be Alarmed

NBC News Legal Analyst: Manafort Plea ‘Puts Another Nail in the Coffin’ of Trump’s ‘Witch Hunt Argument’

White House, Rudy Giuliani React to Manafort Plea Deal: Absolutely ‘Nothing to Do’ With Trump

BREAKING: Paul Manafort Pleads Guilty, Agrees to Cooperate With Special Counsel Mueller

Report: Manafort Tried to Get ‘Obama Jews’ to Advance Support For His Ukrainian Client

Paul Manafort Has Reportedly Agreed ‘Tentatively’ to Deal with Mueller’s Office

Paul Manafort’s Daughter Changes Last Name: ‘I Am a Passionate Liberal’

Manafort Juror: Would Be ‘Grave Mistake’ for Trump to Pardon Him

Washington Post’s Carol Leonnig: Giuliani Called After We Posted Manafort Article to Correct Himself

Giuliani Reportedly Backtracks on Claim That Trump Considered Pardon for Paul Manafort

Giuliani: Trump Asked About Potential Manafort Pardon, Agreed to Wait Until End of Mueller Investigation

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