Tucker Carlson: ‘Won’t Be Long Before NBC’s Entire White House Unit Claims Affirmative Action Status’


Tucker Carlson opened his show Thursday night with a response to the incident that came to dominate the news today – Donald Trump‘s tweet about MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski.

According to Tucker, the reaction from the liberal media and Democrats in Congress was so dramatic, “chaos erupted” and “Washington melted down.”

“Meanwhile, over at CNN, you would’ve thought a new ISIS torture tape had been released except worse because it was Trump.”

Tucker believes that the over-reaction to Trump’s comments fits the left’s notion of perceived victimhood and, “nothing is more empowering than victimhood.”

Just as we see on college campuses, the media is now claiming that hurtful words are tantamount to actual violence.

“In other words, disagreement equals violence,” Tucker said. “If you criticize me you are a physical threat, I feel unsafe and you must be silenced.”

“First they came for Morning Joe,” he joked.

The tactic of claiming false victimhood has been a very effective tool for the left thus far, perhaps best exemplified by the silencing of conservative speech on college campuses. You can effectively shut down opposition by claiming that they pose a potential threat based on their rhetoric. And you can use the supposed potential threat of violence to justify actual violence to combat the phony threat.

“It’s how liberals silence dissent, by conflating contrary opinions with violence,” according to Tucker.

“Passive aggression is the universal currency of the left.”

According to Tucker, the culture of victimhood is becoming so prominent on the left and in the media that, “it won’t be long before NBC’s entire White House unit claims affirmative action status.”

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