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Turning Point? O’Reilly Comes Down on Right-Wing Critics Of Obama

Bill O’Reilly had on media critic Bernie Goldberg last night and immediately launched into unfair criticism of the President. No, this wasn’t 2006 and President Bush – they were actually defending Barack Obama against unfair criticisms of the hard right. Goldberg said, “Now we see people on the hard right behaving just like the crazies on the hard left, and that really bothers me. And I’m not a fan of Barack Obama.” This is what is sounds like, when doves cry?

In the later years of the Bush administration, conservative pundits began using the term “Bush Derangement Syndrome” to explain how critics of the president could only see the worst in the administration. Predictably, liberal commentators, like Rachel Maddow, recently re-purposed that same idea in labeling critics of Obama. But when center-right news analysts like O’Reilly and Goldberg agree with Maddow — well, could this be the start of something beautiful? Probably not.

Bipartisan agreements are not good for the sorts of opinion news programming one finds on Fox News and MSNBC; rancorous debate sells soap (in Fox News case, a LOT of soap.) But the following video just might represent a turning point in which traditional critics of the president realize that portraying Obama as a “Bolshevik” ideologue is hyperbole lost on many, and is neither fair nor balanced.

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