Twitter Explodes in Praise and Outrage at John McCain After Health Care Vote


The Twitterverse was sent into overdrive last night as people reacted to the news that the Senate failed to pass their latest motion to repeal the Affordable Care Act. A lot of the conversation gravitated around Senator John McCain due to his central role throughout the developments on health care this week.

Despite his ongoing battle with brain cancer, McCain flew to Washington this week in order to vote yes on the procedural vote to open the Senate floor to a health care debate. McCain ended up shocking the world again, however, after he ended up casting the decisive vote that prevented the Obamacare “skinny” repeal from getting the count it needed.

Some people praised McCain after he effectively stopped the bill:

However, not all of the tweets were good. Some people were furious with McCain, along with Republican Senate holdouts Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins.

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