Twitter Laughs at Trump’s Typo-Ridden Tweet Blasting Mueller Special ‘Council’: ‘Just Amazingly Dumb’


President Trump is tweeting about how awful the Mueller special counsel is again, though a good portion of the Twitterverse had a hard time taking him seriously because of how poorly-written his grievance was.

Trump quoted Alan Dershowitz this morning after the Harvard Law professor made the TV rounds and wrote an op-ed about how there never should’ve been a special counsel investigation of Russia’s activities during the 2016 election. Dershowitz also argued that there were no crimes, nor any probable cause to be found for Mueller’s appointment to head up the investigation.

Judging by the misspellings and errors in Trump’s first tweet quoting Dershowitz, it seems that today’s nor’easter prevented the White House’s editors from showing up for work:

Trump deleted the errant tweet and replaced it with another one, though he still didn’t get the word “counsel” right.

Of course, the Internet noticed this, and they’re making sure everyone else notices too:

A free reminder: 19 people and 3 business entities have been indicted or pled guilty to Mueller’s team so far.

[Image via Twitter / Ryan Parker]

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