U.S. Marines Under Scrutiny After Posing With What Appears To Be A Nazi SS Flag

Marines Under Scrutiny After Posing With What Appears To Be A Nazi SS Flag

A Marine Corps scout sniper team is under scrutiny after posing for a picture with a flag that appears to include a Nazi SS symbol. The photo, taken in September 2010 in Afghanistan, was published in May 2011 on the Knight’s Armament Blog, where, according to The Blaze, it was described thusly:

Group picture is of the 1st Recon BN Charlie Co. in Sangin, Afghanistan in support of 3rd BN 5th Marines in September of 2010. The “SS” flag has been adopted and used by the Marines in referrence to “Scout Sniper.”

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Lt. Col. Stewart Upton said in a statement that the issue “has been addressed.” The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, meanwhile, has called for a full investigation into the circumstances in which the photo was taken and notes that it has received numerous calls from former marines offended by the photo.

The SS was the Nazi Party’s police and military force under Adolf Hitler, under whose orders they aided in the extermination of Jews and others classified as “undesirables.” The group is responsible for having committed war crimes and was classified as a criminal organization at the Nuremberg war crime trials.

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