U.S. Soldiers In Afghanistan Remake Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ Music Video

Well this isn’t something one normally finds in your inbox. It appears that some enterprising young soldiers stationed at a the U.S. Military base in Afghanistan have put together their own very lo-fi remake of Lady Gaga‘s music video for her hit song “Telephone.” Warning, the following video is by turns both sweet and disturbing.

Very little is known about the participants in this video except that a lot of strangers will now love them. Also, a lot of strangers will likely mock them as well, but there is no question that they are having a lot of fun. The YouTube page that initially uploaded the video has the following description:

This is a couple guys located in afghanistan, that re-made the music video by Lady Gaga….Telephone. Prepare yourself for a fantastical journey. Right now this is the temporary version, we have more scenes to cut, and edit, however with guys always on mission it is harder to film than you think.

Good news! There is a better version to come!

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