UK Media Locked Out of White House Amidst Confusion Over Date Formatting

The new White House staff ran into a bit of a problem on Friday when admitting press for the news conference held by President Donald Trump and UK Prime Minister Teresa May. According Jim Waterson of BuzzFeed News UK, the dates of birth for British reporters were submitted in the date format used internationally, and it caused…issues.

The UK, along with the the rest of Europe and almost the entire world, formats dates as day/month/year. Today, for example, would be 27/1/2017 or 27th January, 2017 as opposed to 1/27/2017 or January 27th, 2017. This led to confusion and meant that the dates were “wrong” for a number of reporters, and according to Waterson, only those where the issue was obvious (because they were born after the 12th day of the month) got in:

Why this hasn’t been an issue before was not entirely clear.

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