Ukrainian Medic Tweets ‘I Am Dying’ After Reportedly Being Shot

A tweet from a Ukranian medic in the middle of the violent uprising in Kiev caught the world’s attention today: this morning, 21-year-old Olesya Zhukovskaya wrote “I am dying” in Ukranian after reportedly being shot by a government sniper.

The protester-run Euromaidan twitter account confirmed Zhukovskaya had been shot, and images from Twitter showed her in a medic’s uniform, clutching her blood-covered neck:

The tweet itself went viral within hours, and reporter Vitalii Sediuk eventually discovered that Zhukovskaya was still alive thanks to an emergency operation.

Though Zhukovskaya has reportedly survived, the violence between the Ukranian government and the civilian uprising has grown deadly: the Kyiv Post reports that 42 people have died in the Euromaidan protests against Viktor Yanukovich, most by gunshots from policemen.

[h/t Washington Post]
[Image via Vitalii Sediuk]

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