Until Today, Walmart Site Was Selling ‘Destroy Capitalism’ Print by ‘Banksy’

You wouldn’t expect a giant retailer like Walmart to sell anything even remotely suggesting that capitalism is anything but the best, but Slate’s Emma Roller reported that up until today, Walmart’s website was selling, via a third-party vender, Banksy knockoff prints, one of which read “Destroy Capitalism.”

Here is the print in question, screencapped from Walmart’s website:

Another Banksy knockoff available on Walmart’s site is a print by artist Eddie Colla, who was none too happy about Walmart selling one of his prints, and created this in retaliation.

A Walmart spokesperson told LAist that they’re acting to take the prints down, which were only up there in the first place because of third-party vendors like Wayfair and Plumstruck that they work with.

Meanwhile, the National Republican Congressional Committee recently had to pull a product from its online store as well, a t-shirt reading “Happy holidays is what liberals say.” Though it would have been hilarious if the GOP had been selling “Destroy Capitalism” prints too.

[h/t The Blaze]

[photos via screengrab, Eddie Colla]

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