Verdict Reached In Kermit Gosnell ‘House Of Horrors’ Abortion Murder Trial

Hours after the Philadelphia jury announced a deadlock on two of the charges against former abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, the court has announced that the jury has reached a verdict on all 263 counts against him, including murder.

In a multiple-murder case that the prosecution has described as a “House of Horrors,” Gosnell’s rap sheet is lengthy, including four charges of first-degree murder.

We will update when the verdict information comes in…

UPDATE: The most important verdicts, according to Fox News:

First-degree murder of “Baby A” – GUILTY
First-degree murder of “Baby B” – GUILTY
First-degree murder of “Baby C” – GUILTY
First-degree murder of “Baby E” – NOT GUILTY
Third-degree murder of Karnamaya Mongar, 41 — NOT GUILTY
Involuntary manslaughter of Mongar – GUILTY

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