Video Purports to Show Russians Moving Buk Missiles Out of Ukraine

While the blame game continues over who launched the ground-to-air missile that took down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, killing 298 people on Thursday, video has been uploaded to YouTube purportedly showing a Buk SAM launcher being moved by truck towards the Russian border.

As we explained on Thursday evening, Ukrainian officials have stated that a Buk missile was used in taking down MH17. Though there is not enough information in the video to identify a location, Ukraine’s Interior Minister Arsen Avakov claims the transport was filmed in Krasnodon, a Ukrainian village close to Russia’s border.

As The Daily Beast notes: “Armoured columns, apparently arriving from Russia, have previously been seen passing through Krasnodon, en-route to Lugansk. The town is only around 10 km from the Russian border.”

The Ukrainian minister also noted that at least one of the four Buk missiles seem to be missing from the launcher, possibly suggesting that this particular SAM was previously used.

Watch below, via YouTube:

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