WATCH: Boxing Trainer Lands Violent Sucker Punch on Fighter in Chaotic Post-Match Scene

A bizarre scene after a boxing match in Maryland on Saturday included a trainer cold-clocking the opposing fighter.

It happened after the Andre Dirrell vs. Jose Uzcategui super middleweight bout on Saturday night. At the end of the eighth round, Uzcategui landed a punch after the bell and was disqualified — giving Dirrell the victory.

A number of Dirrell supporters tried to enter the ring, and were held back by security. And then Dirrell’s uncle, Leon Lawson — who also serves as Dirrell’s trainer — walked to the Uzcategui corner, and landed a brutal left hook squarely on Uzcategui’s jaw. He tried following-up with a right hand shot which didn’t land cleanly, and then was eventually held back from launching a further attack.

“I’m sorry for what my coach has done,” Dirrell said, according to ESPN. “My coach is my family, my uncle, and he was worried. He cares for me. He loves me. Please forgive him.”

Per the ESPN report, Leon Lawson is currently wanted by Prince George’s County Police on two assault charges.

Watch above, via Showtime and ESPN.

[featured image via screengrab]


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