WATCH: Philadelphia Newscaster Arrested After Going on Insane Tirade Outside Comedy Club

A Philadelphia reporter is getting quite a bit of attention over a video that shows her going on an unhinged tirade after getting kicked out of a comedy club.

PHL 17’s Colleen Campbell at Helium Comedy Club on Sunday night to watch a performance by comic actor Craig Robinson. Philly Magazine reports that Campbell was thrown out for being loud during the show, and once outside, she went on a profane rant against a police officer and a security guard who approached her.

“If I had my tits out and my ass hanging out you wouldn’t arrest me right?” said Campbell. “I work at a f**king news station mother*cker.”

After several minutes of yelling, shoving, and trying to spit in the security man’s face, Campbell was handcuffed and taken away. Despite her threats about working for a news station, it appears that PHL-TV has scrubbed Campbell’s biography from their website.

Watch above, via Wil Slyvince.

[Image via screengrab]

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