WATCH: Sean Spicer Holds White House Press Briefing 6/27/17 LIVESTREAM


Press Secretary Sean Spicer will hold an on-camera press briefing today, and he is expected to take questions from the media about the White House’s latest agenda. The briefing will begin at 2:30 p.m. EST.

Rick Perry will join Spicer today, and the Secretary of Energy is likely to discuss the Trump Administration’s plans for “Energy Week.” This will be the latest in a series of themed-periods where the White House focuses on fulfilling the goals and promises from President Trump‘s political platform.

True to its name, Energy Week will be devoted towards energy sector job growth and reducing fossil fuel regulations. Spicer will probably face questions on other emerging developments, however.

The Senate’s proposal to reform health care has been losing vital support ever since the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) assessed that it would cause 22 million people to be uninsured in the coming years. Spicer could be asked to elaborate on the White House’s previous dismissal of the CBO’s analysis.

It is also possible that Spicer might face questions about the White House’s recent string of off-camera press gaggles. Spicer previously had an intense confrontation with CNN’s Jim Acosta about this matter, and the press secretary might be asked if the cameras will stay on full time in the future.

Spicer might also be asked about the White House’s warning that the Syrian government is preparing to use chemical weapons again. The Trump Administration announced the dire news on Monday night, and they warned Syrian president Bashar al-Assad of the “heavy price” he’ll pay if he repeats his actions from April.

Watch above, via The White House.

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