Glenn Beck: ‘The Leadership and Mitch McConnell Have Lied’ to Congress on Health Care

Glenn Beck today declared that “the leadership and Mitch McConnell have lied to the members of Congress” on health care.

He argued on his radio show today that it looks like they’re “running out the clock because they want a progressive insurance program, they do want single-payer health care, they want control of this, and they don’t mind squeezing you to get universal health care.”

“Ask yourself,” Beck continued, “do you believe Mitch McConnell or do you believe Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and those who are around them? Something is wrong here, and it is the usual suspects.”

Lee, in fact, has come out against the Senate bill, following colleagues like Paul and Dean Heller:

Beck concluded that “so many of us are feeling we need to protect the President because the press is lying that we’re not looking at the other hand, which is controlled by Mitch McConnell.”

Watch above, via BlazeTV.

[image via screengrab]

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