WATCH: Sports Radio Host Looks Like He’s Having a Seizure During Rant For the Ages


New York sports radio hot Don LaGreca is not a fan of the New York Giants offensive line. Nor, apparently, is he a fan of math. His combined disdain for the two produced an absolutely golden rant for the ages on Wednesday.

LaGreca was peeved about statisticians trying to quantify the Giants’ dreadful offensive front — which has allowed eight sacks in the first two games of the season. For LaGreca, you see, is a football fan. And he don’t need no stinkin’ numbers to tell him what he can see with his own eyes.

“The offensive line sucks! Period! That’s my stat!” LaGreca said. “You want a stat?…Offensive line stinks. That’s the stat!”

From there, LaGreca’s outburst went nuclear. We’ve transcribed a portion here, but it just doesn’t suffice. It must be watched. It must, frankly, be experienced.

We’re gonna be like accountants now in baseball? What is it — the pythagorean theorem? [weird, barely decipherable voice — somewhat like Sylvester the Cat] ‘The Pythagrathen (sic) theorem says that the Giants offensive like, that their record should be 1-1. That’s the pythagorean theorem said that the Giants offensive line, that their record should be 2-0. [strange clucking noises, super-odd facial expressions]

The ESPN Radio host went on to make more clucking noises and do more screaming. We’re not entirely sure what it was supposed to be — but we know it was incredibly entertaining.

“IT’S FOOTBALL!” LaGreca said. “I’ve been watching it for 40 years! FORTY! FORTY YEARS! That’s one of the worst offensive lines I’ve ever seen!”

Watch above, via Twitter, the YES Network, and Alex Seixeiro.

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