WATCH: Trump Supporters Explain to The Young Turks Why Black Lives Matter is a Fraud

The Young Turks challenged conservative protesters on the streets of Cleveland Tuesday to explain why Black Lives Matter was a liberal conspiracy.

Conservative vlogger Owen Shroyer held a megaphone emblazoned with the Trump logo and marched in front of a Black Lives Matter protest, effectively drowning out their chants as he announced that the people behind him were pawns of a “system that wants to racially divide this country and start a civil war.”

TYT’s Jordan Chariton and Eric Byler asked Shroyer to explain his contention that BLM was bankrolled by George Soros. “I would be shocked if all of these people came here on their own dime,” Shroyer said, pointing to the fact that protesters appeared to have meals that looked like they were bought for them.

Byler asked, “What do you lose if there are less police killings of people of color in this country?”

“I don’t think that’s a major issue,” Shroyer responded. “There are much bigger issues in this world, in this country than police brutality. I understand there’s issues with the police. I have protested against the militarization of the police before, but this is a false prophet of a protest.” Shroyer also expressed outrage at legal abortion and GMOs.

You can view the exchange via TYT above — and, because everyone had a camera, you can see the exchange from the other side also above.

Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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