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Watch Two NFL Players Have Heated Altercations With Fans in the Stands

The Malice at the Palace — the 2004 melee involving players and fans at a Pacers-Pistons game in Detroit, arguably the ugliest sports brawl of the past few decades — was very nearly recreated at two NFL games on Sunday.

Chris Long of the Philadelphia Eagles shouted and pointed at a fan he claims pushed him during the Eagles-Rams game in Los Angeles. And Quinton Jefferson of the Seattle Seahawks attempted to climb into the stands to confront fans who threw drinks at him.

The Long incident took place following the last play of the game, on which the Eagles scored a defensive touchdown to cap their 43-35 victory. According to NBC Philadelphia affiliate WCAU, several of the players jumped into the crowd “Lambeau Leap”-style to celebrate the clinching score — as even though the game took place in Los Angeles, there were many Eagles fans in attendance. The WCAU video shows Long screaming and pointing at a fan, and taking steps toward the fan, but ultimately backing off.

Long, on Twitter, claimed the fan pushed him.

In Jacksonville, during the closing seconds of the Seahawks-Jaguars game, Quinton Jefferson of Seattle was ejected during a scuffle between the players. As he was trying to leave the field, a fan threw what appeared to be a drink at Jefferson — which just missed the Seahawks player. Jefferson then sprinted in the direction of the offending fan, when two other drinks were thrown at him. Jefferson then attempted to climb into the stands, but was restrained by security personnel.

Watch above, via WCAU and Fox.

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