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Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Blasts Trump’s ‘Military Sing-a-Long’ as Faux-Patriotism

CNN’s Berman to Kellyanne Conway: Is it ‘Unpatriotic’ For Trump Not to Sing ‘God Bless America’?

CNN’s Don Lemon: Trump ‘Demanding Forced Patriotism’ Like an Autocrat

S.E. Cupp Mocks Trump’s ‘Fragile Ego’ After Disinviting Eagles: He ‘Didn’t Want to Be Embarrassed’

Protester Heckles Trump During Eagle-Less WH Event; Another Man Takes a Knee

Trump Celebrates Anthem At Event Originally Meant For Philadelphia Eagles: ‘We Respect Our Flag’

Shepard Smith Hits Back at Trump: ‘Every Eagle Stood at Every Game, Every Time’

WATCH LIVE: President Trump Hosts ‘Celebration of America’ Event After Eagles Disinvited

Sarah Sanders Continues Slamming the Eagles: They’re the Ones Engaging in ‘Political Stunt’

Trump Says He Disinvited Eagles Over Anthem…Which They All Stood For Every Game This Year

CNN’s Keith Boykin Goes At It With Trump Pal Over Eagles Snub From WH: POTUS ‘Lives to Divide Our Country!’

Twitter Slams ‘Cowardly and Manipulative’ Trump For Disinviting Eagles to WH: ‘Pure Racism’

Trump Disinvites Super Bowl Champion Eagles From WH Ceremony Over Anthem Spat: ‘They Disagree With Their President’

Here Are the Craziest Philly Police Scanner Reports After Eagles Win: ‘Someone Lit a Christmas Tree on Fire’

WATCH LIVE: Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Victory Parade

Eagles’ Torrey Smith on Declining WH Visit: ‘I Respect The Office’ But It’s About ‘Right and Wrong’

The Daily Show Produces Amazing Mashup of Crazy Philly Footage and Westworld Trailer

Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins: I ‘Do Not Anticipate Attending’ White House Celebration

Jennifer Lawrence Hijacks Plane Intercom on Super Bowl Sunday: ‘Can I Please Just Get a Fly Eagles Fly!’

Watch Eagles Fans Take to the Streets After Super Bowl Win: ‘Philadelphia is Literally the Purge Right Now’

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