West Wing‘s Whitford Reveals the One Piece of Advice Josh Lyman Would Give to Reince Priebus

It’s hardly a secret that Bradley Whitford, who played feisty Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman in an Emmy-winning role on NBC’s The West Wing, is anything but a fan of Trump administration. As Stephen Colbert revealed on Thursday night’s Late Show, Whitford’s recent personal Twitter history is filled with advocacy efforts against the president’s policies.

In fact, the West Wing vet even brought out a therapy dog for his interview to deal with the pains of the new White House (the rescue puppy appeared in an earlier segment on the Late Show).

And of course, it didn’t take long for Colbert to invoke the most famous political show in TV history. “You were Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman on The West Wing,” said Colbert to cheers from the crowd. “What do you think Josh’s take would be on Reince Priebus? Any advice or anything like that?”

“You know, change your name, I think?” Whitford offered in response.

And despite that fact that Whitford, now 57, looks considerably grayer up top than his days walking-and-talking in the Aaron Sorkin drama, fans of the show (OK just me) were disappointed that Whitford didn’t yell, “DONNA!” for old time’s sake.

Watch above, via CBS.

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