WH Official Invokes Maxine Waters When Asked About Trump Calling Press ‘Enemy of the People’


In the wake of the Capital Gazette newsroom shooting which resulted in the deaths of five journalists, there has been much talk centered around whether President Donald Trump will stop his anti-media rhetoric.

The response from one of his key aides: What about Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)?

In an appearance on MSNBC Friday, White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short was asked by Hallie Jackson whether he believes the president should stop referring to the press as “enemy of the people.”

This was his reply:

I think that right now we’re all incredibly sad and sorry for the victims [of the Captial Gazette shooting]. It’s impossible to know the pain they’re going through. We’re praying for them. I think the president––to try to make this political at this point, Hallie, is not something that we’re looking to engage in that conversation. I think that if MSNBC wants to look at the rhetoric coming out of Maxine Waters, and encouraging resistance toward Trump administration officials, I hope you do that as well. But right now, we think it’s more important that we simply share our sympathy for families and victims of the tragedy.

Jackson was befuddled by Short invoking Waters.

“Not following the Waters comparison,” she said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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