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What’s Stupider: Cam Newton’s Penalty That Prevented a Score or What He Wore Afterwards?

CaptureIt’s only week one of the NFL preseason, so in the scheme of things mistakes on the field are of relatively low consequence (except for young guys hoping to make a roster, of course). But for a certified NFL superstar like Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers, his silly mistake Thursday night probably won’t jeopardize too much.

But as for his post-game outfit? Ouch, Cam.

The Super Bowl-appearing quarterback got a little too carried away and ran onto the field prematurely last night when his own defense intercepted a ball for a Pick-6 touchdown. As A.J. Klein streaked down the sidelines for the score, Newton ran out onto the field, invoking an Illegal Substitution penalty that resulted in the touchdown being taken away.

The offence happened early enough in the game for the veteran QB to laugh it off with the official; but considering the Panthers went on to lose to the Baltimore Ravens in the preseason effort, his demeanor was considerably different during the postgame press conference.

And so was his outfit.

Stuntin’ in his apparent new role as the spokesman for Preppy Arby’s, Newton donned a Carlton Banks sweater and godawful hat in a maroon-inspired get-up. He sheepishly told reporters, “I was hoping they would give a warning. But, it’s no big deal,” showing off what appears to be a slightly-bleached goatee.

Entering his sixth season, the Auburn product — who lost Super Bowl 50 and gave one-word answers afterward before walking off from reporters — has long been criticized for his leadership style and poor sideline demeanor when things don’t go his way. His energy Thursday night over the sideline celebration would suggest little has changed since January.

“I don’t want to have a discussion about something that I’ve learned from. I’m here to specifically talk about the football game… you live and you learn,” the Pharrell Williams impersonator said.

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