White House Fence Jumper Found Competent to Stand Trial

Omar Gonzalez, the man who infamously jumped the White House fence and ran into the executive mansion with a knife earlier this summer, was found competent by a team of psychologists and fit to stand trial.

Gonzalez, who managed to evade numerous Secret Service officers before being subdued in the East Room on the first floor of the White House, pled not guilty yesterday after a U.S. District judge reviewed his psychiatric report during a hearing. He faces numerous charges, according to the AP, including “unlawfully entering a restricted building while carrying a deadly weapon…carrying a dangerous weapon outside a home or business and unlawful possession of ammunition.”

The incident led to the revelation of numerous deficiencies in the Secret Service, including a string of embarrassing security lapses, and the eventual resignation of director Julia Pierson.

Gonzalez, an Iraq War veteran, had been homeless and allegedly suffering from mental illness prior to the incident. At one point, he was arrested by Virginia police while possessing 11 guns, as well as a map of Washington with the White House circled in pen.

[Image via Vaughn Sterling/Twitter]

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