Whoopi Goldberg Drags Mark Zuckerberg’s Defense of Holocaust Deniers: ‘Its a Lie! Take it Down!’


Whoopi Goldberg slammed Mark Zuckerberg while she and her colleagues addressed his controversial remarks about Holocaust deniers.

The Facebook founder drew flak over an interview in which he said that people have a right to post Holocaust-denying content on his social media platform, because they honestly don’t believe the genocidal campaign ever took place. Zuckerberg has offered a clarification for his remarks. and said he didn’t mean to “defend the intent” of deniers.

But Goldberg was far from impressed. She acknowledged that people have a right to free speech, but emphatically added that it’s “some real fake news” to suggest the Holocaust never happened, and the intent for doing so is no excuse.

“I don’t get it. So does intent matter when people are posting fake information about say, the Sandy Hook shooting or the Holocaust when they say those were children actors? That’s a lie! Those were real kids who died! That’s fake when they say those children were actors! Take it down! Take it down!…I’m all for freedom of speech, but don’t lie! Don’t lie when you know better. When you know families lost children, don’t put that up there. That’s a lie when you say it didn’t happen. It’s a lie. Take it down!”

Goldberg caught herself before the F bomb slipped out, topping off her rant by saying, “for goodness sake!”

Meghan McCain followed up by noting how Facebook is still having trouble deciding on acceptable standards for sociopolitical content.

“I can’t get over how bad he is at this,” she lamented.

Watch above, via ABC.

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