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Andy McCarthy Has ‘Outer Body Experience’ Over IG Hearing: Denying FBI Bias Like Denying Motive Behind Jihadi Terrorism

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy said he had an “outer body experience” listening to Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz deny that bias affected the FBI investigation into President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, Wednesday– going so far as to compare it to ignoring the the motives behind a “jihadist terrorist attack.”

“I’m having this outer body experience the whole day, especially the conversation about whether bias motivated this or not,” declared McCarthy on Fox News. “I kind of feel like… I feel when there’s an Islamic, I’m sorry, a jihadist terrorist attack where the evidence is neon blinking, and we sit around saying, ‘We may never know what the motive was.’ I mean, really?”

“What he continued to say again and again is, ‘We did not get documentary or testimonial evidence that bias caused the irregularities,’ which is a lawyer way of saying there’s no document, and there’s no testimony that they drew from someone who said, ‘Yes there was bias, yes I was bias, yes I saw bias,'” McCarthy continued. “But when you prove bias in a courtroom, you do it on the basis of common sense inference from what people say and what they do. You don’t rely on someone to say ‘I’m biased.'”

Watch above via Fox News.

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