Bret Baier Presents Brutal Data to Republican Candidate: ‘Average of Polls Has You at 0.8%’


Bret Baier cited brutal poll numbers for presidential candidate and former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson on Thursday’s Special Report, and asked him if he thinks he can meet the polling threshold to make the first debate stage.

“You gonna make that stage?” Baier asked. “The RealClearPolitics average of polls has you at 0.8%. In Iowa, you’re at 1%. You don’t show up in the New Hampshire polling as of yet. You’ve talked about it as an uphill battle, but these are small numbers. How do you paint a pure to somebody who says, ‘I like what you’re talking about, but you’re not even in the ballpark?'”

“Well, you didn’t mention the South Carolina poll in which we moved up to 3% there,” Hutchinson replied. “Those are small numbers and we’re gonna be in the competition. We expect to move up and that’s the goal. That’s why you work real hard at this.”

The first Republican primary debate will occur in Milwaukee in August. Criteria for entry have yet to be announced.

Hutchinson is part of a growing field of candidates seeking the Republican nomination. Currently, former President Donald Trump is the odds-on favorite and holds a lead over the field of more than 30 points. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who announced his candidacy yesterday, is presently his nearest rival.

“Do you think that the pundits and purveyors of wisdom who look at politics and say, ‘The more candidates that are in there, the better it is for the former president – that the other non-Trump vote is split?'” Baier asked.

“Actually, I think at this point in the campaign multiple voice is a good thing,” Hutchinson responded. “If this race would be a two-person race now, which it’s not, that’s not healthy. That’s not good for the Republican Party. It’s not good for choices among the voters.”

Last month, Hutchinson called on Trump to drop out of the race because he is under indictment.

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