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David Brooks Called Out For ‘Never Sanders’ Op-Ed in NY Times: ‘Truly Grotesque Pack of Lies’

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New York Times columnist David Brooks labeled Sen. Bernie Sanders “the end of liberalism” in an opinion piece published on Friday, sparking anger from progressive journalists who identified factual errors in the article.

Slate political editor Tom Scocca went as far as to call the Brooks piece “a truly grotesque pack of lies” in a tweet on Friday, while New York Magazine writer Jonathan Chait deemed it “evidence-free.”

Zack Beauchamp of Vox published a piece arguing Brooks’s article was “grounded in assumptions about and perceptions of Sanders that are just not backed up by evidence.”

Regarding Brooks’s claim that Sanders was a “useless” congressman and “marginal” senator, Beauchamp reminded readers that Sanders and John McCain co-sponsored a piece of legislation that expanded veterans’ access to healthcare, adding, “Sanders may talk a lot about political revolution, but as a legislator he has a surprisingly long record of quiet, pragmatic accomplishment.”

Crooked Media’s Jon Favreau, a veteran of the Obama White House, wrote on Twitter that Sanders has “passed more bipartisan amendments in a Republican Congress than any other member.”

The Atlantic writer Adam Serwer faulted Brooks for lacking any quotes from Sanders in his piece.

In his Vox article, Beauchamp also goes after Brooks’s accusation that Sanders’s spending programs would lead to “the greatest concentration of power in the Washington elite in American history,” arguing, “If Medicare-for-all were some kind of neo-Stalinist ploy, then Canada and much of Western Europe would be totalitarian nightmares.”

Jewish Currents editor David Klion additionally took to Twitter to express his disapproval of the op-ed, calling Brooks’s position “anti-democratic.”

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