Don Lemon Slams GOP as ‘Obsessed, Obsessed, OBSESSED!’ With Shielding Trump from Any Accountability for Inciting Capitol Insurrection


Don Lemon contrasted President Joe Biden’s agenda for dealing with the public health and economic crises ravaging the country with the Republican Party’s driving focus, which he said was all about protecting both the legacy and future political fortunes of former President Donald Trump.

“This is the reality,” Lemon said. “More than 430,000 Americans have died thus far in this pandemic. Millions more are desperate for health care and vaccines. 847,000 people filed for unemployment just last week. This country is in desperate need of leadership. And President Biden is pushing forward, believing bipartisan is possible, but well aware of the rocky road still ahead.”

“Yet, the Republican party is obsessed, obsessed, OBSESSED, and that’s not hyperbole, I’m not exaggerating, with the previous president,” Lemon exclaimed. “Obsessed with protecting him and refusing to hold him accountable. For what? The big lie, the one that incited one of the worst moments in this country’s history.”

Lemon then noted that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, just two weeks after saying Trump “bears responsibility” for the Capitol insurrection, made a “pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago today.” That move came a day after McCarthy issued a warning to his GOP colleagues to stop publicly criticizing each other: “Cut that crap out.”

One source, Lemon noted, said McCarthy’s trip to Trump’s home looked like he was, quote, “crawling back to Trump.”

“That’s exactly what it looks like because that’s exactly what it is,” Lemon said. “The Republican Party is in full retreat from any kind of accountability, actually embracing the former president and his loyalists.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.


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