Fmr Dem Rep Who Voted to Impeach Nixon: Trump’s Trying to Engage in ‘Biggest Cover-Up of All’


A former US representative who voted to impeach former president Richard Nixon says President Donald Trump is engaging in “biggest cover-up of all.”

Impeachment has been a frequent topic on Erin Burnett‘s show this week and her conversation with former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman on Friday evening proved no exception.

“You voted to impeach Nixon 45 years ago,” Burnett began. “You say we’re in a constitutional crisis now. Why?”

“Well, here you have a president who is exercising imperial powers,” Holtzman replied. “He’s trying to engage in what I call the biggest cover-up of all. He wants to have the biggest inaugural crowd… The best president, the most blah, blah. He has the biggest cover up now. He said he will fight every subpoena. He can’t do that.”

She continued on: “To stand in the way of Congress, Congress’ legitimate power to find out what’s going on and what’s he trying to stop: information that would be embarrassing to him, that would be politically destructive to him and that would undermine the rule of law.”

Burnett then asked her why the Democrats don’t seem willing to pull the trigger on impeachment.

Holtzman said the facts have to get out in front of the people first before an impeachment inquiry begins.

“This is what I think they should do,” Holtzman further explained stressing she lived through Watergate and that formula has stood the test of time. “What you need to do is get the facts out first to the American people. They need to see Don McGahn. They need to see Donald Trump Jr. They need to see how many times he will say I don’t remember. They need to see Jared Kushner.”

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