‘Irony is Dead’: Don Jr. Mocked for Calling Out Hunter Biden For Nepotism


Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. drew ridicule on Tuesday  for calling out Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

Biden defending his work with Ukrainian and Chinese businesses in an interview with ABC News on Tuesday, in light of President Donald Trump’s efforts to have him investigated by foreign leaders. Biden railed against the “completely debunked” conspiracy theories advanced by Trump and his allies, and while Biden conceded that he had “poor judgment” about the political optics of his actions, he made the case that everything he did was legal.

At one point in the interview, Biden acknowledged that him being the son of former Vice President Joe Biden “probably” had something to do with how he got a job as a board member of the Burisma gas company. Trump Jr. noticed this segment, so he tweeted out the quote in order to pronounce the interview a “dumpster fire” for the ex-veep’s 2020 campaign:

In turn, Trump Jr.’s tweet received notice of its own, which came in the form of widespread mockery. Most of the people laughing at the president’s son pointed out that Biden is at least aware that he has benefited from nepotism, unlike Jr.

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