Sunny Hostin Says She’s Afraid Trump Has ‘A Pocket Pardon in His Safe Somewhere’ To Get Him Out of DOJ Trouble


In light of the “target letter” informing Donald Trump that the Justice Department is focusing on his alleged role in absconding with classified documents, Sunny Hostin said she’s worried Trump may well plan to pardon himself if criminally indicted, which would test the limits of the U.S. legal system.

“I think that Donald Trump has a pocket pardon in his safe somewhere at Mar-a-Lago,” Hostin said on Thursday’s The View. “That means sometimes the president can — it’s never been done, but I imagine he has done it — you write a pardon for yourself, a federal pardon for yourself, and you keep it in your pocket. That’s why they call it a pocket pardon. It’s never been tested. That would go to this Supreme Court, the Supreme Court that’s heavily conservative. So we’re asking everyone, would you pardon him, I think he would pardon himself, and that scares me.”

Hostin made the speculation during a discussion on whether current GOP candidates would pardon Trump if they became president. The discussion turned to former vice president Mike Pence, who announced his candidacy Wednesday. Pence has called on the DOJ not to indict Trump, but did not say whether he would pardon the former president.

During a CNN town hall this week, Pence said “no one is above the law” when asked about the federal criminal investigation into Trump, but added that indicting a former president would “be terribly divisive to the country.”

“The not pardoning bothers me more, because [Pence is] using the words of the Ford-Nixon time, where Ford pardoned Nixon,” Sara Haines said. “He talks about, ‘It’s going to be the headline, it’s going to divide the nation.’ Trump already divided the nation. Damage done. In fact, the only salve for this  is accountability.

“We’ve been asking every conservative that comes on here, ‘Would you pardon him?’ I actually think that’s a very important question, because we are no longer in the Ford-Nixon time. What we’ve witnessed this president do and what he continues to do — there’s no remorse, there’s no admission of what he’s done — all things that set him apart from that time.”

Watch The View clip above via ABC.


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