Trump’s Top Cyber Official at DHS Shoots Down Election Fraud Claims: 59 Experts Agree They Are ‘Unsubstantiated’ or ‘Incoherent’


Kevin Hagen/Getty Images

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Chris Krebs appeared to oppose President Donald Trump’s allegations that the election was rigged on Tuesday.

In a Twitter post, Krebs — a Trump appointee — pointed out that, “On allegations that election systems were manipulated, 59 election security experts all agree” the claims were either “unsubstantiated” or “incoherent.”

Krebs was referencing an open letter signed by scientists, professors, and security experts who shot down Trump’s claims of election fraud.

“We are aware of alarming assertions being made that the 2020 election was ‘rigged’ by exploiting technical vulnerabilities. However, in every case of which we are aware, these claims either have been unsubstantiated or are technically incoherent,” the letter declared, adding, “To our collective knowledge, no credible evidence has been put forth that supports a conclusion that the 2020 election outcome in any state has been altered through technical compromise.”

“That said, it is imperative that the US continue working to bolster the security of elections against sophisticated adversaries,” it went on, advising, “At a minimum, all states should employ election security practices and mechanisms recommended by experts to increase assurance in election outcomes, such as post-election risk-limiting audits.”

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