WATCH: Boris Johnson’s Aide Snatches Coffee Away to Save Environment: ‘No Disposable Cups’


One of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s aides was recorded snatching away his coffee and declaring, “No disposable cups,” this week.

The bizarre encounter, which took place at the annual Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, England, went viral online.

“This is the most captivating 15 seconds of political drama I’ve seen in years,” claimed BuzzFeed UK News Editor Alan White.

“I’d like to see a series made about the dysfunctional relationship between the two aides. She makes ‘no disposable cups’ sound like ‘I hate you,'” remarked Times Literary Supplement Editor Stig Abell.

“No caffeine for you prime minister,” posted The Independent political correspondent Ashley Cowburn, while comedy writer James Felton wrote, “He doesn’t care about using a disposable cup, has to be reminded that he *should* care and gets it confiscated. Now coffee-less and miserable, the big green PR win is cancelled out by the fact it was all caught on camera anyway. Absolute perfection.”

“Like his working parliamentary majority, the Conservative leader is only able to hang on to it momentarily before it is whipped away from him,” joked the Guardian‘s Martin Belam in an article for the newspaper.

The odd encounter also pulled in reactions from celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Forbes contributor Carlton Reid, Guardian columnist Marina Hyde, Good Morning Britain co-host Piers Morgan, BuzzFeed Deputy World News Editor Matthew Champion, and LBC reporter Lucy Hough.

Fortunately, Johnson was eventually able to obtain a cup of coffee in a reusable mug.

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