WATCH: CBS’ Brennan Confronts Ted Cruz on a Pushing a Two-Term Limit in The Senate While Seeking a Third Term


CBS’ Margaret Brennan pressed Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to explain why he is running for a third term in office, even as he’s pushing for legislation that would limit senators to two terms.

Brennan interviewed Cruz on Sunday for Face The Nation, wherein she noted that the senator recently raised up a bill to block senators from serving more than two six-year terms, and also limit House representatives to three two-year terms. The CBS anchor noted that Cruz is pushing for a rule that he is personally not planning to follow.

“Why aren’t you holding yourself to that standard?” Brennan asked.

Describing himself as a “passionate defender of of term limits,” Cruz answered, “I think that Congress would work much better if every senator were limited to two terms, if every house member were limited to three terms.”

“But you’re still running,” Brennan interjected.

“If and when it passes,” Cruz continued, “I will happily, happily comply. I’ve never said I’m going to unilaterally comply.”

Cruz went on to lash out as his political foes, but Brennan kept the focus on him by asking “are you running for president?”

This led to Cruz saying he would only abide by the term limits bill once it passes into law.

“I will be more than happy to comply by the same rules that apply for everyone,” he said. “But until then, I’m going to keep fighting for 30 million Texans because they’ve asked me to do.”

“I think you’ve heard me ask if you’re running for President,” Brennan stated again.

“I’m running for re-election to the Senate,” he responded. “There’s a reason I’m in Texas today. I’m not in Iowa, I’m in Texas, and I’m fighting for 30 million Texans.”

Watch above, via CBS.

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